Weddings and Baptisms


Everyone is welcome to have their children christened in their parish church. During the Christening service your baby will be baptized. There are around 10,000 babies and children baptized in the Church of England every month. We also welcome adults who want to be baptized.

Baptism for babies and children takes place in a service often called a Christening. In this service parents thank God for his gift of life, make a decision to start their child on a journey of faith and godparents promise help and support. The church also promises to welcome the child and to pray for the family.

Your child is precious to you and precious to God. At Baptism you make a decision to start your child on a journey of faith. The church and the godparents support the family and the child in this decision.


Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. Whether you’re just dreaming of a church wedding,
or well into the planning already, your church wants to help and support you.
Each off the churches that comprise the parish of Holy Trinity Bardsley is licensed to conduct
marriages. Our wish is to make sure that your day is as successful as you would hope. Please
contact the Vicar, Rev’d Tony Grant via the Contact Us page or call in for a chat after a morning
service. To get you thinking we shall try and answer some important questions:
Can I get married in the Parish?
Thanks to a change in the law, there are more churches to choose
from for your wedding.
Lots of people marry in their own local church, but we know that you might like to marry in a
church away from where you live because it has special significance for you through family or other connections.
An engaged couple can now do just that if either of you can show just one of the seven
connections with the parish listed below.
You can marry in a CofE church if you can show:-
That one of you:
has at any time lived in the parish for a period of at least 6 months or was baptised in the parish concerned or
was prepared for confirmation in the parish or
has at any time regularly gone to normal church services in the parish church for a period of
at least 6 months or
That one of your parents, at any time after you were born:
has lived in the parish for a period of at least 6 months or
has regularly gone to normal church services in the parish church for a period of at least 6
months or
That one of your parents or grandparents:
was married in the parish
In all cases involving church services – i.e. going to normal church services, baptism, confirmation
or marriage – this applies only to Church of England services. Even if you cannot demonstrate
any of the above connections, we want to help you explore whether it may still be possible
for you to marry in your special church.

Talk to the Vicar well in advance to discuss the options open to you.
Is there an age restriction to marriage?
The legal requirement is that you must be 18 or over to marry without consent.
If you are 16+ you can marry but you will need your parents’ written permission.
Do we need to be married in Church?
A Register Office marriage is as valid as a church wedding. However, being married in church is
special — your wedding carries God’s blessing; in effect you are asking God to be involved in your
Can I marry in Church if I am divorced?
Although legislation has changed this does not mean that divorcees can marry in church. The final
decision rests with the Minister of the parish and will only be arrived at after discussion and careful
consideration over why the first marriage failed.

What do we do now?
If you want to explore things a little further then contact us to discuss things further.